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8IP supports the successful listing of MSL Solutions

Eight Investment Partners made the news again as a key portfolio holding, MSL Solutions, lists on the ASX. Click here to read the full report.

Kerry Series Speaks about Freedom Insurance

8IP CIO Kerry Series featured in Boardrooms.Media’s Talking Stock video series. Click here to go to Episode 22 and hear Kerry talk about Freedom Insurance Group (ASX Code FIG). Kerry begins speaking at 5 mins 30 secs.

The Best IPO’s in 2016

Click here to see 8IP Chief Investment Officer, Kerry Series, talk about the best IPO’s in 2016 with Christopher Hall at Boardroom Media.

8EC Admitted to the Official List of the ASX

8IP’s new listed investment company, 8IP Emerging Companies Limited, was admitted to the official list of the ASX today. To read the release click here.

Kerry Series comments in Bloomberg Business about new SIV rules

In an article today in Bloomberg Business, Kerry Series spoke about the impact of the change in the Significant Investor Visa requirements on the demand for Australian small companies, To read the article click here.

AFR Reports on 8EC

The AFR reported today that 8IP’s new listed investment company, 8EC, is poised to take advantage of renewed interest in small companies listed on the ASX. To read more click here.

IO&C Report on Launch of 8EC

IO&C reported today on the attractiveness of soon to be listed 8IP Emerging Companies (8EC) to overseas investors under the new Significant Investor Visa arrangements. To read more click here.

8IP Launches SIV-Compliant Listed Investment Company

8IP announced the launch today of 8IP Emerging Companies Limited, to be listed on the ASX. To read more click here or go to to view the Prospectus.

Kerry Series Talks About Favoured Stocks on Livewire

In a series of interviews with Livewire Markets, Kerry Series talks about three stocks favoured by 8IP; 1-Page, Highfield Resources and Yowie Group. To listen to these interviews click on the following links 1PG, HFR and YOW.

AFR Reports on 8IP Emerging Companies Limited

The Australian Financial Review’s Street Talk highlighted the proposed listed investment company which will be managed by 8IP, 8IP Emerging Companies Limited ( The article referred to the roles of stockbrokers Taylor Collison, Bell Potter and Shaw and Partners. To read the article click here.