8IP Australian Equity Impact Fund

The 8IP Australian Equity Impact Fund is designed for investors seeking to invest in Australian companies that are solving the world’s problems. Using our proprietary impact measurement process, we direct capital to ASX listed companies that are solving the world’s social and environmental problems. Launched in January 2017, the Fund is an Australian domiciled unregistered managed investment scheme available to Australian sophisticated investors. Our Impact Focus Areas include:

Renewable Energy  Energy Storage and efficiency  Wellbeing: Pharmaceuticals  Care and Support Affordable Housing
Land and Resource Management Wellbeing: Medical Devices Wellbeing: Health Care Services Education Lifestyle and Healthy Eating 

Why Impact Investing?  Directing capital to the world’s problems is more effective if the for-profit business is actively engaged. Your capital is invested in companies that generate a positive social and environmental impact along with financial returns. The industries in which these companies operate tend to have structural growth tailwinds which, when combined with active stock selection, provides the opportunity to generate superior investment returns. The Fund is managed by Eight Investment Partners Pty Limited,  (AFSL 342 305). Equity Trustees Limited is the trustee. For further information, please read Quarterly Performance Updates – the first Update will be for the month of March 2017. The Information Memorandum for the Fund may be obtained by clicking on the right hand menu bar.

Key Features

Feature Details
Product Sponsor Equity Trustees Limited
Product Type Unregistered Managed Investment Scheme
Inception Date 31 January 2017
Minimum Investment 100,000
Liquidity Monthly
Withdrawal Notice Generally, notifications received 5 business days prior to month end will be processed using the unit price effective for that ensuing month end within 15 days of that redemption date.
Distributions Paid Annually
Annual Cost of Fund 1.39% per annum (inc. GST)
Annual Performance Fee 20.5% over Hurdle (inc. GST)
Hurdle S&P/ASX All Ordinaries Accumulation Index
Index S&P/ASX All Ordinaries Accumulation Index

This is general information which does not take account of your particular objectives, financial circumstances or needs. You should consider the Fund's offering document in deciding whether to acquire, or continue to hold, the product.

Performance Summary November 2017

1m 3m 6m 1yr 3yr p.a. 5yr p.a. 10yr p.a. Inception p.a.
8IP +6.94% +15.87% +19.40% +22.38%
Index +1.91% +6.10% +7.44% +11.08%
Active Return +5.03% +9.77% +11.96% +11.29%

* Inception date 31 January 2017. Source: 8IP and S&P. All returns are shown to two decimal places. Returns for periods of more than one year are annualised. Total returns include realised and unrealised gains and losses plus income and are time-weighted rates of return that adjust for external cash flows. Valuations are computed and performance reported in Australian dollars. Gross-of-fees performance returns are presented before management and performance fees but after all trading expenses. Net-of-fees performance returns are presented after management and performance fees.